Support Table Topics, the New Indie RPG Podcast


Join Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games) and Brie Sheldon (Daedalum Analog Productions) in their newest venture—Table Topics, a podcast about indie RPGs. Together they’ll be chatting about a range of topics related to the hobby and will be showcasing great independent games and game designers.

Table Topics Season 1 is being funded by Patreon, a crowdsource platform where you can pledge your support and earn great bonuses. Each of the season’s 12 episodes will feature ads or shout-outs for patrons—by getting on board early, you can both support the show and help shape the topics they discuss.

Both Eloy and Brie are members of the Indie Game Developer Network, so they’re no strangers to the indie RPG scene. They’ll bring their knowledge, experience, and connections together to make every episode unique and engaging.

Visit the Patreon page to pledge your support. Season 1 begins recording soon, so act fast

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