Third Eye Games Releases the White Knight for AMP: Year One

3EG-AMP-The-White-KnightIt’s All Souls Night and AMPs everywhere are out en masse. As the only night of the year they can be themselves without standing out, it’s a great time to relax and feel normal. Unfortunately someone has more sinister plans. When the characters get caught between two feuding AMPs who each possess power over the dead, they’re faced with some tough decisions. Their actions will decide the fate of the city—and of one AMP who just wants to be a hero.

Find out what happens in the White Knight, the newest adventure for AMP: Year One by Third Eye Games. In this adventure you’ll face overwhelming odds and tough decisions. This book also includes new augments for the Mediumship Power, giving your characters more options to interact with the dead.

The White Knight is available now from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store.

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DriveThruRPG PDF: The White Knight (Adventure for AMP: Year One)

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