Wild West Floorplans Kickstarter Coming from Fabled Environments

On March 2nd 2015, Fabled Environments launches their third Kickstarter, “Wild West Floorplans”. The multiple Ennie-Nominated modern cartography company offers backers a series of six wild west floor plans (Settler’s Cabin, Hotel/Saloon, General Store, Church W/Cemetery, Sheriff’s Office and a Livery Stable) as part of the base campaign.

Each of these wide-format floor plans are presented as .PDF files and will be offered at a 1″=5′ scale. In addition, each floor plan contains multiple layers that can be selected such as square grid, hex grid, furniture and others and can be printed as tiles using the functionality of Adobe X or a more recent release. An 8 1/2″ x 11″ version of each floor plan is also presented for ease of use.

In addition, anyone bidding at the appropriate level or higher will also receive access to the campaign stretch goals as well as some additional great products from our other partners such as 2 western Cast of Cards decks for Savage Worlds from Warning Label , over 100 western figure flats from Arion Games, 4 amazing western soundtracks from Ambient Environments and a new module from Darren Miller for Savage Worlds using the floor plans generated from the campaign .

All the stretch goals from this campaign will focus on providing backers with floor plans of additions structures such as a bank, train station and an old west train.

Fabled Environments has been offering digital floor plans to the Tabletop RPG community for ten years. To learn more about this campaign, visit us on the web at: http://www.fabledenvironments.com/wildwestkickstarter

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