Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles is Out!

CW-PD-Curious-Creatures-of-the-Dragon-IslesA collection of many monsters to add fearsome foes and forthright friends to your Pirates & Dragons campaign. Illustrated in colour, each creature is given a full write-up, with Renaissance D100 and retro-clone stats and encounter tables for the Dragon Isles’ varied habitats.

From giant scorpions to sage tortoises, death toucans to lurking horrors, anthropophagi to hupias, there are enough creatures here to make any scurvy pirate green about the gills.

Note: Players of the OneDice edition of Pirates & Dragons already have statistics for the creatures in this book, but the text adds much more flavour on the habits and customs of these curious creatures.

Get it here: Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles

Or if you haven’t already dived into the Dragon Sea, why not pick up our Pirates & Dragons bundle – contains the core rulebook, the bestiary, the Dragon Isles poster map, and floor plans for a pirate frigate at 35% of the normal price: Pirates & Dragons Bundle [BUNDLE]

And look out for the print edition of Curious Creatures of the Dragon Isles, coming soon!

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