Shadowrun: Hong Kong Kickstarter Is Live!

I’ve shared the story before, but it’s one of my most cherished geek memories, so I hope you don’t mind if I share it again.

It’s 1989. My friends and I make our usual weekly visit (often more than just once a week) to our friendly neighborhood game store—in the fantastic Game Depot—to see  the latest and greatest. And hanging on the wall is a new poster unlike anything we’d seen before (the first edition cover above, top-left).

By the monstrously influence Larry Elmore, its art showed an elf trying to hack into a computer; a magic user wielding a shotgun; orks in suits with uzis; all against the backdrop of a megaplex. It was stunning, evocative and we all stopped, pointed, and said “what is that?!” (If memory serves, our group bought 5 of the core rulebook the day it released.)

I’ve been a fan ever since (including playing in a tabletop campaign right now), and consider it simply amazing that of the 6 books shown above, I’ve had at least a small hand in helping publish 4 of them.

And as I’ve mentioned previously, when I fall in love with a universe, to see it grow and expand and reach new heights of awesome in a variety of mediums…yeah, that’s a whole other level of fantastic.

Harebrained Schemes‘ two previous Shadowrun Returns games have been ridiculously good, garnering a slew of rightly deserved critical acclaim and awards. And now they’re back at it to take us into the darkest corners of the Sixth World once more.


The world-wide Shadowrun community stepped up in a fantastically brilliant way last time to help HBS deliver knock-our-socks-off action in Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall. They’ve just launched a new Kickstater for this, one of the all time great roleplaying game settings: Shadowurn: Hong Kong.

If you love the setting, loved the previous games, or are just finding out about it now but are intrigued, go check out the Kickstarter and support if you can!


Welcome to the shadows, chummers. It’s gonna be one crazy a ride!

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