Crafty Games has Kickstarted a New Line of Mistborn Allomancy Dice Sets

00-titleCrafty Games is currently Kickstarting a new line of Mistborn Allomancy Dice sets.

The original sets, released in 2012, were so popular that Crafty was out of stock within weeks. Now they’re looking to bring Mistborn dice back.

Mistborn Allomancy Dice are premium six-sided dice that can be used with any game, but they’re especially great if you’re a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and the Mistborn Adventure Game. They’ll look great in your dice collection.

Each Mistborn Allomancy Dice set will start out with eight (8) dice and four (4) unique physical metal symbols, each displayed on the 6 side. Every time they reach a new stretch goal, they’ll add a new symbol from the mental metals to the set – until there are eight unique symbols across all eight dice. Right now, they are about to fund the stretch goal to add symbol #6.

07Once all eight unique symbols are in place, Crafty plans to expand the Mistborn Allomancy Dice sets to include ten (10) dice, each with a unique symbol.

In addition, if they can reach 1,200 backers with their campaign, every backer that receives a set of dice will also receive a digital (PDF) copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game ($14.99).

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