Evolution of Apex, a New Adventure for AMP: Year One, is Now Available

3EG-AMP-Evolution-of-Apex“A severely mutating AMP has gone missing from her medical facility. The AMPs must track her down and make the ultimate decision: what is Apex’s fate?

In this exciting new AMP: Year One adventure by Bill Bodden, you’ll discover the mystery behind Apex’s disappearance and be faced with tough decisions about what to do when the truth is revealed. Evolution of Apex is an 18-page adventure for novice and veteran AMPs alike.

Available  from DriveThruRPG and the 3EG Online Store (http://store.thirdeyegames.net), you can now get your hands on the next adventure set in the AMP: Year One universe. AYO is the hit Supers RPG from Third Eye Games in which you play as AMPs, people with accelerated mutant potential. This isn’t your typical four-color comic game; in AMP, there are no heroes or villains—there are just hard choices.

Pick up Evolution of Apex today to discover what hard choices there are to be made in deciding Apex’s fate.

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DriveThruRPG: Evolution of Apex (Adventure for AMP: Year One)

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