EPOCH: The Experiment Continues from Imaginary Empire

IE-EP-The-Experiment-ContinuesImaginary Empire releases The Experiment Continues, a companion for the multi-ENnie award nominated EPOCH survival horror roleplaying game. The Experiment Continues presents you with new rules, advice and options to support and enhance your games. Included are:

  • A survival guide to improve your character’s chances of reaching the end scenes
  • A toolkit with advice and techniques to assist GM’s with scenario facilitation.
  • A guide for designing scenarios and new card decks with optional rules to twist character stories and randomly resolve outcomes.

Four new scenarios are also included:

  • Make your farewells and prepare to embark on an epic journey in the classical age of heroes when you are selected as one of THE TRIBUTE.
  • Join a crew of streetwise gangsters bootlegging liquor during the prohibition in DEATH ON THE STREETS.
  • It’s coming for you, it doesn’t tire and it won’t stop – your only hope is to confront what lurks deep within the SLAUGHTERHOUSE.
  • Visit the picturesque seaside town of Hudson’s Point and experience an autumn festival like no other in HARVEST.

DriveThruRPG: EPOCH: The Experiment Continues

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