Olde House Rules has a New Release: Braunstein!

OHR-BraunsteinRole-playing began with the Braunstein games of the late 1960s.  These converted war-games emphasized personal interactions and setting over complex rules and excessive mechanics…

Braunstein! is written in this style, being designed for historical adventure games in the 4th through 15th centuries, but expandable through the early 16th if so desired.  The judge need only choose a historical book(s) on the period they wish to chronicle and use these rules to create characters and resolve unpredictable situations using extremely simple (just 18 pages) mechanics.  The rest is pure interaction!

History is the best, most richly-detailed setting around, but Braunstein! also has simple rules for introducing real magic and witchcraft – perhaps the easiest ever!  History or historical fantasy – it’s your game now!

Braunstein! is available as a digital download for just $1.49 here:

DriveThruRPG: Braunstein!

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