Design Diaries Give Insider Look at The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds

Want to know more about how Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of Deadlands, Savage Worlds, and many other award-winning game lines developed their newest space exploration setting, The Last Parsec? Look no further than the Design Diary series.

The first Design Diary, Origins, reveals Pinnacle President Shane Hensley’s inspirations, including classic games such as TSR’s Star Frontiers® and recent discoveries in science and space technology:

“[The Last Parsec is] not hard scifi or military scifi or even space opera. It’s exploration scifi where an explorer and her companions can be the first to step into the boundless void and discover things beyond our wildest dreams. It’s a setting where you can play alien races humanity has already encountered and experience the awe and wonder of the possible.”

The second Design Diary, FTL, discusses Faster-Than-Light technology. Shane and Brand Manager (and former Traveller and 2300AD designer) Timothy Brown decided the universe of The Last Parsec largely uses astronavigational beacons to guide starships from one jump location to another, with “blind” jumps more time-consuming and risky.

“The two different rates feel plausible enough given the existence of FTL travel at all, and best of all provide flexible rules for the many kinds of stories we want to tell. If an adventure needs to get the heroes to a distant research facility for a fast rescue, an astronavigational beacon is there to facilitate it. If the Game Master wants the group to travel for months to reach some mysterious planet, maybe even years, that’s there too.”

The most recent Design Diary (03 Books), spotlights the three setting books that kick off the line. The inspiration behind each book is explored by the authors, along with a final overview of the new Edges, Hindrances, gear, and Plot Point Campaign found inside.

Look for the Design Diaries and free One Sheet adventures here:

And check out the Kickstarter itself here:

Products include print and PDF access to three setting books, a Game Master Screen with a full-length adventure, 9 miniatures, 2 double-sided ship maps, Bennies (poker chips), and a double deck of playing cards. Stretch goals include a soundtrack by Harry Mack, Wild Dice, archetypes, more adventures, printable paper miniatures, a JumpCorp Requisition Kit with forms, ID cards, and death certificates, and finally the potential to unlock additional miniatures. At the time of this post, the Kickstarter is more than 700% funded and there are 4 stretch goals remaining.

Savage Worlds was created by Shane Lacy Hensley. Savage Worlds, as well as The Last Parsec and the Pinnacle logo are all trademarks of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. For more information, visit or contact Jodi Black, Marketing Manager for Pinnacle, at

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