ENnie-Award Winning Role-playing Game that Uses the Tarot Deck

17df3dc0-57fc-44de-a0a7-c27e2a969a40Fortune’s Fool is the ENnie-award winning role-playing game that uses the Tarot deck instead of dice! Set in a fantastic version of Renaissance Europe, Humans, elves, goblins, and more cross swords and cast spells in the courts of Paris and along the canals of Venice. One week, you might battle monsters on the icy slopes of the Swiss Alps. The next, you might find yourself rescuing Shakespeare from a rehearsal of King Lear!

Whatever your adventure, success or failure is determined by the Fate Deck. Will your next draw be Strength, giving you a devastating blow, or will The Hanged Man spoil your attack? Perhaps The Tower will menace the table, or maybe The Fool will turn everything on its head. And somewhere in the deck lurks Death itself, waiting to claim its next victim. So set down your dice, pick up a Tarot deck to give Fortune’s Foola try!

While copies of the core rulebook are available at your local game store, we need your help to take the PDFs of our products to the next level! Donations to this Kickstarter will help fund an enhanced line of electronic Fortune’s Fool products, optimized for all manner of devices, and including updates to the rules and new art.

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