The Houseless Hills have released Building, Talking Playing

BTP thumbnailThe Houseless Hills have released Building, Talking Playing.

Building, Talking , Playing is a quicker and simpler version of Bleake Rebellion and it is absolutely free. It is a low fantasy game about rebels trying to overthrow the corrupt authorities that rule their city. This new release has been made to let readers try out a simpler version of the game for free. The PDF is 53 pages long (4.39 mb) and contains all the basic rules you need to play Bleake Rebellion. There is interior black and white artwork evocative of the setting and ready made characters so you can begin playing as soon as you are ready.

This release is made for three to six players. It is GM lite and, as I have said before, it is easier and simpler than the original game. Both it and Building, Talking, Playing are suited to short games, are story focussed, and place your character’s inner feelings and motivations at the heart of game.

No. of Players: 3 to 6.
Time to Play: 3 to 6 sessions per story.
Genre: Low Fantasy

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