Gk2Gk.com Reveals Geek Heavy Geographical Locations

Avs5xNpB_400x400If you’re a woman and you want to meet single geek men, try moving to Colorado or Washington . On the other hand, if you’re a man and you want to meet single geek women, your best shot is in DC followed again by Colorado. This according to Geek 2 Geek (www.gk2gk.com) the online dating site for geeks and people who want to meet them. Spencer Koppel, president of Geek 2 Geek analyzed the number of members in each state compared to its overall population. Here’s the list of the top ten states.

Best States for Meeting Single Geeks

States with:

Rank Most Male Geeks Most Female Geeks
1 Colorado DC
2 Washington Colorado
3 Arizona New Hampshire
4 Utah Washington
5 Oregon Oregon
6 New Hampshire Arizona
7 Nevada New York
8 Ohio Maine
9 DC Massachusetts
10 Missouri Nevada


Of particular interest, notes Mr. Koppel, is that California, home of the so-called “Silicon Valley” where many geeks tend to work, is not represented in this list. “California is right about in the middle of all states when it comes to finding single geeks,” he commented. The list of states with the lowest chance to meet single geeks is shown below.

Worst States for Meeting Single Geeks

States with

Rank Fewest Male Geeks Fewest Female Geeks
1 Mississippi Hawaii
2 Hawaii Mississippi
3 Louisiana Louisiana
4 South Carolina Montana
5 South Dakota Alabama
6 Arkansas South Dakota
7 New Mexico North Dakota
8 Alabama Arkansas
9 Iowa South Carolina
10 Vermont Wisconsin


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