Megadungeon 3 Kickstarter

Gaming Paper is excited to announce our that we are Kickstarting our newest Megadungeon starting RIGHT NOW!

Megadungeon Sewers Sketch 2Fans of the Megadungeon will notice this map pack follows the same idea as the original two Megadungeons.  The pages and pages of maps sheets that fit together to make a Megadungeon and they can be used in countless configurations because on most sheets the entrances and exits are at the same place (geomorphic).  You will also see that the map pages are double sided, one side adorned with furnishings and detail and the other a blank slate you can use how you decide.

This is a sewer setting map pack.  It could be used with any game system under any city you choose!

See the Kickstarter for yourself here!

Designed by Christopher West!
Christopher deisgned the Megadungeon 1 and the Megadungeon 2.  Both of which were accompanied by amazing Pathfinder adventures.

We had an amazing video made for the Megadungeon 3 Kickstarter and you can find it on YouTube right here.  It includes a star cast, not really, but it is well made and makes me want to play a fantasy RPG!

Here is the link to the Kickstarter!

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