New Sci-Fi Virtual Tabletop Tokens from DramaScape

DramaScape has released their latest Virtual Tabletop Tokens product, this time featuring a collection of SciFi miniatures. [View our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here.]

DS-VTTT2-SciFiDramascape Virtual Tabletop Tokens Volume 02

“Man it always creeps me out when I see someone that never leaves their suit. You never know who or what is in there.” 

Time to bring SciFi to the virtual tabletop! With these SciFi VTT tokens and DramaScape VTT SciFi maps, your SciFi virtual tabletop game will surely be a visual treat for your players! Whether you need aliens, humans, or robots, this VTT pack has got you covered!

Virtual Tabletop Tokens Volume 2 is a SciFi VTT token pack of 100 topdown tokens. The VTT categories include bipedal suits (any suit where the occupant cannot be immediately identified), bio mechanical aliens (a group of 4 tokens with a mixture of biological and mechanical components bound together), cyborgs, humans, humanoid and monstrous aliens, and robots.

We have responded to feedback given by our customers on our first VTT offering and labeled each individual VTT token (with the exception of No 1, 2, 3 for tokens with a similar appearance in different poses).

DriveThruRPG: Virtual Tabletop Tokens Vol 2 SciFi

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