Outbreak: Deep Space Sci-Fi Survival Horror Kickstater

Hunters Books has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for a sci-fi follow-up to Outbreak: Undead called Outbreak: Deep Space, throwing the action into a sci-fi setting.

Back the Kickstarter here.

HB-Outbreak-Deep-SpaceWhat is “Outbreak: Deep Space?”

Outbreak: Deep Space is a fully stand-alone pen, paper & dice Role Playing Game system made by the creators of Outbreak: Undead, the Zombie Survival Role Playing Game. Outbreak: Deep Space will allow you to simulate any type of Sci-Fi Survival Horror scenario, under any circumstances, in any setting you can imagine for your tabletop games.

Take inspiration from existing Sci-Fi/Horror Lore or create your own deadly opponents for your players to perish by. Fill them with the with fear, uncertainty, and danger that are all the best tropes of various sci-fi horror lore.

Infestation Terror – Run a campaign of Biological Infestation opponents using ‘Viral’ elements, aka “Zombies in space”.

Invasion Terror – Run a campaign where your players are attacked by sentient creatures, be they human or alien.

Trans Dimensional Terror – Run a campaign where your players are under siege from terrors from beyond our mortal comprehension. Simply replace the Viral mechanic with ‘Sanity Loss’.

Run these and more, using the flexibility and customization that you expect from the team at Hunters Books!

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