Catalyst Game Labs Award Nominations and Awards

28344Origins-Award-Nominee_MD2014 ORIGINS AWARDS NOMINATIONS

Catalyst Game Labs is honored to announce that our following books and games have been nominated for a 2014 Origins Awards:

Best Roleplaying Game: Shadowrun, Fifth Edition

Best Game Accessory: Shadowrun Gamemaster Screen

Best Miniature Figure Rules: BattleTech: Alpha Strike

Best Game Related Publication: Fire For Effect

Congratulations to all of the nominations!


We’re pleased to join the ranks of those games that Tom and his great crew feel are worthy of a Dice Tower award!

Best Two-Player Game: The Duke

Once again, congratulations to the other nominees and good luck!

gI_350780_Blue-and-White-Select-Seal-WEB2014 MENSA MIND GAMES WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Finally we’re incredibly excited for our first ever Mensa Select. 250 judges, 56 competitor games and forty-four hours of non-stop gaming determined that The Duke would join four other great games to become a Mensa Select.

Congratulations to the other winners!

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