Fear! Fire! Foes! from Olde House Rules

OHR-PP-Fear-Fire-FoesFear! Fire! Foes! is a supplement to Pits & Perils.  It adds a wealth of original content to the game while preserving its old-school look and feel, not to mention simplicity…

Pits & Perils II, Fear! Fire! Foes! has:

  • Variant character classes, like the eastern monk and psychic savant.  Or become an elven fighter and combine magic with deadly combat maneuvers.
  • New equipment, including healing herbs and holy oils.
  • Advancement to level 15, giving players time to experience higher level adventures!
  • Powerful new spells.  Master shape shifting and create vivid illusions – or wield fire and ice bolts against an array of terrifying new enemies.
  • Combat moves, like stunning blocks and parries, that make combat dynamic while preserving the simplicity of the basic game.  Fighting has never been deadlier…
  • Awesome new enemies, including extra-dimensional invaders and even the gods themselves.  Journey to prehistoric worlds or fight the fiery minions of Hell.  It’s all in the book!

Fear! Fire! Foes! preserves the old-school look and feel of the basic rules while greatly expanding its fantastic horizons.  Those already playing will find a wealth of new material to enhance their campaigns.  And for anyone thinking about it – this is a great time to start!  Old-school never felt so new…

DriveThruRPG: Fear! Fire! Foes!

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