Exploration Trucks for Modern and Sci-Fi Battlemaps

DramaScape has released their latest free battlemap set for use with modern and sci-fi sets featuring a collection of Exploration Trucks. [View our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here.]

DS-Exploration-TrucksDramaScape Free Volume 23

This Product is a full-color set of Exploration Trucks, with Hex, Square and No overlay.

This Product includes the VTT files for online play.

“Find that infernal black box. I need to learn the truth about what caused this crash.”

The product features six exploration trucks in various configurations. The trucks include a flatbed truck, passenger truck, cargo truck, flak truck, communications truck, and artillery truck.

The product is intended for use in near or far future science fiction games but could easily be used in modern games as well.

Adventure hook for use with this product:

Scavengers: This plot hook, where the trucks are out scavenging in the wilderness, works well with any of our environment maps, such as our Desert Crash Site map. As well as transporting personnel off-road, these exploration trucks could be employed to clear terrain or move dirt with their various frontal attachment tools. If used together with the Desert Crash Site map, the vehicles could be hired to find the black box of the crashed airplane in return for the crew keeping any scrap metal they recover. The employer is an insurance company that wants evidence faulting the pilot that would release them from insurance claim obligations. Meanwhile, a group of desert nomads observe the work from afar, before deciding to raid the workers to seize the vehicles for themselves. The nomads wait for a sandstorm to hit the region, using the cover of dust and wind to launch a surprise attack when the scavenger crew hunkers down in the trucks underneath the tarp covers The desert nomads charge at the workers with riding horses, or perhaps aboard rusted pickups or jeeps jury-rigged with 50 caliber machine guns.

The Player Characters could either work for the scavenger team, or be part of a group attempting to halt the insurance company’s investigations. If part of the scavenger team, they need to defend their vehicles from the fierce nomad attack. If, on the other hand, they are opposed to the scavengers, the Player Characters could be working to protect the blamed pilot, or they might be part of a rivaling accident investigation group who suspect the insurance company of foul play. Alternatively, the Player Characters could even be members of the desert nomad raiders, going after the sturdy trucks for the benefit or their tribe. But in any case the question remains, who was it that tipped the desert nomads off about the operation, and what is their angle in all of this?

DriveThruRPG: Exploration Trucks

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