New Sci-fi RPG for Kids and their Parents in Development by Broken Tower

VANGUARD was a game my son and I were developing just for ourselves, but when we started to share what we were working on over on Google+, things got a little out of hand. Now it’s a full blown production, with a 62pg rules and test module sent out to a number of gametesters who are looking at running it at conventions in March.

It’s a sci-fi, anthropomorphic, space opera, RPG. Think Wind in the Willows meets Mass Effect. It is a story of adversity; ecological, political and personal – of friendships tested by social and cultural differences – and heroism against a seemingly unstoppable force.

The Story
On the planet Ashen the nutwerks, hoppolites, molen, badgerians and mausers came together in peace to be prosperous. Despite their cultural, racial and ideological differences their peace and prosperity lasted centuries and united they formed the confederation. The heart of the confederation was the world capital Varmisk a city both grand in scale and great in culture and while there were always struggles and tensions within the confederation in the end it was not from within that destruction came. When the Tanarii came, they came with a thunderclap and struck at the heart of Varmisk and in that great city what hundreds of years had built was undone in a matter of days. The inhabitants of the city fled and arguments long thought forgotten have begun once more. But not everyone is willing to see the dreams of a peaceful future disappear in fire and dust…

As we’ve only just started production we’re happy to hear from anyone with feedback. You can keep in touch with us over on the Vanguard RPG Google+ community and be involved in a great new Sci-Fi adventure!


  • With Vanguard we hope to develop a system that is accessible to players ages 7+, but with modular rules that will grow as they grow and can be used by the more experienced players to give a more nuanced game style.
  • With the setting we hope it will engage young and old players alike and provide stories both small and grand where the characters are the key to the prosperity of the universe – whether they know it or not.
  • And mostly – that it’s pawsome fun to play!

Find out more over at Broken Tower’s website:

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