Hands of Fate© Exile’s End Now Available from RPGNow.com

Exile’s End is a diceless, card based Role Playing Game with all the bells and whistles. Using the Hands of Fate© System, revised and updated, Exile’s End offers a vibrant galaxy that breathes and changes as the Players immerse themselves.

ASG-HF-Exiles-EndWhy diceless? Good question! Using cards, just regular playing cards, allows far more ways to modify a result, and from players hold cards in their hand as a form of ‘health’ they have a small control over their fortunes. Seeing into the future can literally mean peeking at the deck to see what fate has in store…

Exile’s End is a complete product, requiring no other products or rule books to play. It features starship combat, dozens of weapons and armour, alien races, free-form Psionics, equipment modification, cybernetics, bio-augmentation and Neural augmentation, hacking and electronic by-pass mini-games, Star System generation guidelines to support sandbox style play, Factions that change, waxing and waning in power as time goes on, trade and economy systems…

Hands of Fate Exile’s End is available for a discount for a limited time; just follow this link:


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