10th Millennium Role Players Handbook

10M-10M-Role-Players-Handbook10th Millennium is set about 58,000 years in the past. Systems of planets formed galactic entities to wage great wars over resources, wealth, and worlds that were closer to stars.

Earth finds herself dead center of this epic struggle that lasts 10,000 years. Then stars are destroyed and one third of the universe is rendered lifeless. 48,000 years later an alien species visits Earth, and the human race is reborn to start all over again.

10th Millennium is a tabletop role playing game with a fresh concept and a dynamic d100 system that will give you a new perspective on science fiction role playing. The 10th Millennium Role Players Handbook© is available for sale at RPGNow.com under the categories Basic Role Playing, New Releases, and Core Rulebooks.

DriveThruRPG: 10th Millennium RolePlayer’s Handbook

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