Mass Market Retail Brings Home Rise of the Fellowship

Mass Market Retail Brings Home Rise of the Fellowship

Family friendly geeky hit movie comes to Walmart, Sam’s Club and Netflix

baEpq4k(Washington, D.C.-December 16th, 2013) The creators of the award winning geek film Rise of the Fellowship were bowled over when they found out that their movie will hit brick and mortar retailers Walmart and Sam’s Club December 18th, 2013 AND online powerhouse Netflix January 3, 2014. The movie is currently available via Amazon, Itunes and Vudu. The film tells the tale of four gamer friends from highschool as their heroism and bravery is put to the test as they struggle to get to the Lord of the Rings Online competition to right a wrong. Rise of the Fellowship is being distributed by Phase 4 Films.

Director Ron Newcomb explains why fans are so drawn to the story. “There is a little Geek and Hero in all of us is the tagline for a reason. Who hasn’t felt awkward and misunderstood? Who hasn’t felt like the world was against you? And let’s face it.. who DOESN’T want to save the day?! Yes it’s heavily based around the Lord of the Rings world and competitive video gaming but the movie is enjoyable without knowledge of either. In the end, it’s about friends banding together, period.”

The reviews are in:

“While it pays many a tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and Peter Jackson’s films, Rise of the Fellowship is not simply a Lord of the Rings knock-off. It is a well-written, family-friendly comedy that will appeal to a variety of audiences and is a must-see for any fan of The Lord of the Rings and The Lord of the Rings Online.” – Britta Siemen

“The movie won the 2012 Gen Con Film Festival and it’s not hard to see why.” – Rebecca “Bonks’” Rothschild

About Rise of The Fellowship:

Randall Dooley is a geek. His three best friends are geeks too. He works in a game shop, he spends all his free time playing online games, his older brother bullies him unmercifully, his widowed mom doesn’t understand him, and he’s hopelessly in love with the prettiest cheerleader in high school. In short, he’s a loser. All of that changes when he hears of the Lord of the Rings Online gaming competition in Orlando, Florida. Finally! Meaning in life! Rise of the Fellowship is a buddy-comedy written in honor of online gamers and The Lord of the Rings. Full of Tolkien-references and good-hearted parody, Rise of the Fellowship will appeal to Tolkien-fans and gamers alike, as well as anyone who’s never been part of the in-crowd.

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