EverWrought – The Perils of Promise Adventure on Kickstarter

Tall Tale Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a boxed set adventure module that includes miniatures and maps, compatible with Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, FATE, and Dungeon World.

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EverWrought-Box-SetEverWrought: The Perils of Promise is a traditional pen-and-paper fantasy role playing game setting where you and your friends can take on the role of characters you create in an exciting new world! If you’ve ever wanted to play those games, but were unsure how to start, we can help. In addition to being compatible with major, more complex systems, EverWrought also includes its own simple rules for playing called House Rules. You can use those until you need to grow in to more complex system. (You can also skip over the Our Compatibility section, and read the next section for you, Our World.)

We have designed a campaign setting compatible with Pathfinder, Dungeon World, Fate Core System, and Dungeons and Dragons (4th Edition and hopefully Next as more information is made available about the license.) What we are trying to accomplish, for those of you running games, is to put everything in one convenient box: a (~350 page) campaign setting, 3 double-sided maps, and 10 minis. We also made it easy to run the combat/encounters sections linearly, or simply sandbox some of our environments for more open ended play. The campaign is designed in such a way that you can repurpose most of the content in your existing worlds. The planned Add-Ons below will add to the game, but are not required (though we cannot imagine not wanting Bloody Minis!)

We also designed the books so you can skip ahead to the parts that are system specific or relevant to your game. With that in mind, to read more about the campaign setting, skip to the Our World section below, or jump over to the Our Tiers to see the rewards.

From its very creation until now, the world of EverWrought has always been at war. It started amongst the gods whose fierce struggles created and shaped the world, but the bitter torch of conflict has been kept alight ever since by EverWrought’s two massive continents. Stuck in between these continents are The Footprints, hundreds of islands that temporarily divide the conflicting continents. Some of the islands are aligned with the North, and others fly the standard of the South, but almost all wish the war had ended long ago. In the thick mire of The Footprints lies a small, unregarded island named Promise, the sleepy township mingling with towering trees where our story takes place.

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