Introducing Pits & Perils

OHR-Pits-PerilsPits & Perils (P&P) is an original old-school role-playing game from Olde House Rules.  One modeled after the numerous war games-turned-fantasy RPG campaigns that proliferated during the early 1970s, right before the hobby really took off.  Back then, it was crappy little rule books typed in someone’s basement.  Well, those days are back!

P&P has:

  • Classic character types – but with a twist (check out a full preview on our website or Drive-Thru RPG)!
  •  Simple, robust mechanics (for real) that balance realism with flexibility.  Most of what the players do is decision-making, exploration, and role-playing.  The rules don’t even try to do this for you.  And you know what? They shouldn’t!
  •  Nearly 100 monsters to fight and 200 magic items to win and wield.  All of them fully explained.  That’s a lot for an 80-page rule book!
  •  An amateur look and feel that captures the way things used to be: some dice, some friends, and a crappy little rule book!  Bring your imagination, cause’ that’s all you really need! These rules are just a guide…

Pits & Perils is fantasy role-playing the way it used to be. No flashy design or excessive rules. Just old-school goodness in a rule book so slim (80-pages) you might forget it’s a game! This booklet contains everything needed to get started, including how to create a character, build a dungeon, and run a campaign in a world where magic still works and monsters are real. So live and die by the sword. Or magic, if you prefer. Dark dungeons await…

Check us out at  The rules are available in softcover (Lulu) or by download (Drive-Thru RPG).

DriveThruRPG: Pits & Perils

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