Post-Apocalyptic Savage Worlds in Broken Earth and Pathfinder Path of War

Here’s a look at today’s new and third party releases.


Raging Swan Press has released their latest Village Backdrop GM’s Resource supplement for Pathfinder, featuring Hulw’Ma [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. “Clustered about a remote oasis hidden in the deep desert, the village of Hulw’ma is a welcome sanctuary from the stifling heat of the shimmering sands that seemingly stretch endlessly in all directions. Sanctuary is not always to be had in the village, however, for here the followers of the Living Water worship their divine lord and levy a toll on travellers drinking of his sacred body. Danger also lies without the village for the ruins of a fallen city pierce the nearby shifting sands and within dwell the bandits of the Naji Su’ad who prey on villager and traveller alike.” Written by Greg Marks, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Village Backdrop: Hulw’ma.

Jon Brazer Enterprises has released their latest Book of Magic supplement for Pathfinder, delving into a very dwarven magic in Genhancements [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. “A truly dwarven group of magical items, gemhancements bring the lore and personality of the dwarves to your game. Book of Magic: Gemhancements delivers to you a new set of rules for magic items based on gems. These unique and versatile magic items are easy to integrate into your game.” Written by Bret Boyd, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Book of Magic: Gemhancements (PFRPG).

LPJ Design [visit their website here] has released another set of playing cards for Obsidian Apocalypse in their new Equipment & Item Deck. “Obsidian Apocalypse Equipment & Item Deck makes it possible for gamers to record common and mundane items for this post-apocalyptic survival horror setting just like they’ve been tracking their magic items. Useable in ANY fantasy and horror roleplaying game not just Obsidian Apocalypse, Obsidian Apocalypse Equipment & Item Deck is the ideal player accessory! Each card of this nearly 30 card deck make it so that you will not have to remember some of the more common items you may be carrying.” It’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Obsidian Apocalypse Equipment & Item Deck (PFRPG).

Space Potato Productions [visit their website here] has released a new sci-fi fantasy supplement for Pathfinder – Dragons in Space and Stuff. “”Dragons in Space (and stuff)” contains rules, stat blocks, and illustrations for spaceborne dragons, Starlight Dragons, and the Abomination; two ‘hostile’ NPC ships; two stations; one neutral trading ship; and one more ‘traditional’ spaceship for use by player characters, complete with floorplan.” Written by Benjamin Martinali, it’s available for Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG: Dragons in Space and stuff.

Dreamscarred Press [visit their website here] has launched a new PDF series, to be compiled into a single printed book, called Path of War that focuses on turn-based combat, starting with The Stalker character class. “A tireless warrior, using an almost precognitive understanding of battles, the stalker hunts his prey with the help of advanced martial disciplines and deadly maneuvers. Included in this book is the complete maneuver combat system, the stalker base class, five martial disciplines with hundreds of strikes, counters, boosts and stances, and new feats!” Written by Chris Bennett, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Path of War: The Stalker.

Dungeons & Dragons

Wizards of the Coast has released seven more PDF reprints for 4th and 3.5 Edition and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, including the 4th Edition Monster Manual 3. “This core rulebook packs in over 200 new monsters to menace D&D player characters. Classic monsters such as the derro, the mimic, and Lolth (Demon Queen of Spiders) make their first 4th Edition appearance here. In addition, this book includes scores of new monsters to challenge characters of heroic, paragon, and epic level, including deadly catastrophic dragons!” All of them can be purchased from the DnDClassics website powered by DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Monster Manual 3 (4e)
DriveThruRPG: D&D Rules Compendium (4e)
DriveThruRPG: Champions of Ruin (3.5)
DriveThruRPG: EBERRON: The Forge of War (3.5)
DriveThruRPG: EBERRON: Five Nations (3.5)
DriveThruRPG: Die Vecna Die! (2e)
DriveThruRPG: Chronomancer (2e)


Steve Jackson Games [visit their website here] has released a mostly genre-universal Location for GURPS – St. George’s Cathedral. “Past, present, or future: Is there any time that wouldn’t benefit from a detailed Gothic cathedral? GURPS says no, and directs your gaze toward GURPS Locations: St. George’s Cathedral. This latest installment in the GURPS Locations series looks at the fictional but historically based St. George’s Cathedral. Its foundation is a series of detailed maps that show this magnificent structure from the crypt to the roof (plus player versions that avoid revealing its secrets), as well as a diagram showing St. George’s in relation to nearby buildings.” Written by Michele Armellini, it’s available for purchase from e23: GURPS Locations: St. George’s Cathedral.

Star Wars

Fantasy Flight Games has released their latest beta playtest packet for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion. “This update, we would like you to focus your attention and discussion on the new larger additions in this week’s update PDF. This includes changes to starting Duty value, a new universal specialization that give characters access to military training, three new vehicle actions to streamline combat with large capital ships, and guidelines for playing Age of Rebellion alongside Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™. In your sessions, try making some new characters, have one character take the Recruit specialization, and try out a space combat with a larger (silhouette 5 or higher) ships.” Download the playtest update here.

Additionally, Fantasy Flight Games has released a collection of career-specific Specialization Decks for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. “Brand new, career-specific Specialization Decks for Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ are now available for Smugglers and Colonists! Along with the six decks already available for Explorers and Hired Guns, new decks for Doctors, Scholars, Politicos, Scoundrels, Thieves, and Pilots are on sale now! Edge of the Empire Specialization Decks provide GMs and players with an easy way to manage character and NPC talents at the gaming table. New and experienced players alike will appreciate these handy reference cards, and GMs will love being able to keep the action moving.” They are available for Print-on-Demand purchase from Fantasy Flight Games here.

Savage Worlds

SAP-BE-Players-GuideSneak Attack Press [visit their website here] has released the Player’s Guide for their Kickstarter-funded post-apocalyptic setting Broken Earth. “Broken Earth is an adventure setting that takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. It deals with a small fraction of the world, what was once the northern Midwest of the United States, and a tiny bit of southern Central Canada. As an adventure setting, Broken Earth includes many compelling locations and adventures, but also gives the heroes freedom to explore the world.” Written by Matthew J. Hanson, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Broken Earth Player’s Guide (Savage Worlds).

Old School Renaissance

Skirmisher Publishing [visit their website here] has released their latest Wisdom from the Wastelands post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy supplement for Mutant Future – Nanotechnology III. “Continuing with the examination of this hi-tech subject that we started in issues #28 and #30 of Wisdom from the Wastelands, this third installment in our nanotechnology series presents many new nanites and a new terror weapon, the Converted, that Mutant Lords can unleash upon their players. Nanotechnology has existed since the late 20th century. At first, the tiny machines were used mostly in medicine and genetic manipulation, but technological advances brought wider application. Many of these breakthroughs helped make the Ancients’ lives easier, but others became microscopic dogs of war, let slip to wreak havoc and destruction.” Written by Derek Holland and Chris Van Deelen, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue #31: Nanotechnology III.

Straycouches Press [visit their website here] has released a Swords & Wizardry version of their classic fantasy Firearms rules in Hack!. “Hack! Firearms! is a supplement compatible with the Swords & Wizardry rules. It features simple firearms rules, an adventure tool-kit for introducing firearms to your campaign and whole bunch more!” Written by Reverend Dak, Mike Evans, Austin Shaefer, and Christian Sturke, it’s available for Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG: Hack! Firearms. Go here for their Dungeon Crawl Classics Crawl! version – DriveThruRPG: Crawl! fanzine no. 8.


Moebius Adventures [visit their website here] has released a new systemless supplement presenting options for creating more interesting Doors within your dungeon games. “Every dungeon has doors. Each door has a story. More than that, every door offers a transition from one thing to the next. Some transitions are easy (no door at all or it’s unlocked). Some transitions are hard (locked or trapped). Some turn out to be dead ends (blocked or jammed).” Written by Brian Fitzpatrick, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Brick by Brick: Doors.

Occult Moon [visit their Facebook page here] has released their latest Toys for the Sandbox fantasy supplement featuring The Lair of the Peluda. “Once the Peluda helped the gods spread life throughout the world. But all that changed and the Peluda became a monster producer instead. Now, the Third Age is dawning and what the world needs now are heroes to see it through the next big dust up. The Peluda is helping, making monsters to inspire men to be heroes. You? You want to be a hero? The Peluda’s got some nifty treasure to reward those who make the cut. Tests are going on right now, so find Reginald, if you want to try your luck. He’s a wolf in appearance, so you’ll have to seek him out. The secret? Just get a conversation with a wolf going. From there on it will all be part of the test, so polish your boots and mind you’re at your spiffiest. Take it away, hero. You’re the fulcrum – the future is teetering.” Written by Quinn Conklin, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Toys for the Sandbox 96:The Lair of the Peluda.

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