Fate-powered Daring Comics RPG from Daring Entertainment

Daring Entertainment has announced the upcoming development of the Daring Comics RPG, powered by Fate, with a Kickstarter campaign to launch early next year.

DE-Daring-Comics-RPGDaring Entertainment is pleased to announce its first Fate product: the Daring Comics Roleplaying Game!

Heroes battle villains through the streets and skies. Debris from stray energy beams and super-tough bodies covers city blocks. Cars, streetlights, dumpsters, and crumbled buildings become makeshift weapons flung around like baseballs.

From megalomaniacs dreaming of using their extraordinary power to rule the world, to dictators who believe their vision of the future is the best course for humanity, only those heroes who have dedicated their gifts to the defense of mankind stand in their way.

In Daring Comics, those heroes are you!

Designed with the award-winning Fate rules from Evil Hat Productions, and using the strengths of the Open Gaming License, Daring Comics provides complete rules for roleplaying your own super-hero campaign.

The only thing you need to play is the Daring Comics Roleplaying Game!

View the full announcement here.

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