Chronicles of the Void Now Available!

Chronicles of the Void is a pen-and-paper role playing game set in an original space opera universe.


ATE-Chronicles-of-the-VoidThe year is now 560 After Ouroboros in the second era.

Humans have stretched the boundaries of their own humanity by experimenting with cybernetic implants, engineering Geno-Perfect children, and introducing life-extending technology which offers immortality to anyone who can afford to maintain the strict treatment regimen. Wormhole travel allows the traversal of galaxies in the blink of an eye. The Neuro Labyrinth connects every citizen of colonized worlds to one another in real time and offers virtual bodies to explore new realms which are limited only by the imagination. Alien lifestyles and ideas have infiltrated human culture, fracturing the Hexumvirate’s once-absolute authority over mankind, and have caused new systems of government to grow and flourish.

However, this time of heady growth and expansion has not been without its costs. The Banx Crusade nearly saw the end of this social order just 30 years ago and has left a legacy of ruined planets, displaced people, and a tireless contingent of ruthless robotic SERK that still terrorizes people to this day.

Billions of star systems have been surveyed, thousands have been settled, but septillions more remain a mystery.

What will you discover as you explore the void?


The game’s foundation is an innovative game engine which defines two major systems for handling fast-paced action: the One Breath Combat (OBC) and Vehicle Assault and Pursuit (VAP) systems. The OBC system engages players in skirmishes which encourage cinematic actions and the speedy resolution of events to keep players in the moment. The VAP system captures the excitement of piloting your own customizable star fighter into battle simulating 3D combat on a 2D grid. CotV trims the fat off the tabletop gaming experience and cuts straight to the action with a strong emphasis on ease of play and unlimited extensibility through the cyber realms of the Neuro Labyrinth. The Neuro Labyrinth allows each player’s character to create avatars to roam the vast cyberscape, which opens up new frontiers in customization and depth on a previously unimagined level.

DriveThruRPG: Chronicles of the Void: Core Data File

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