Adventure Quarterly Kickstarter Campaign

Rite Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the next year of their Adventure Quarterly magazine for Pathfinder.

Back the Kickstarter here.

Are you ready for adventure?

Join us as we prepare for another full year of danger, magic, and excitement in the pages of Adventure Quarterly.

Every three months fresh faces and tested professionals ready to give you the stories you want, create Adventure Quarterly. Each issue has a low, middle, and high level offering, complete with maps, statblocks, and art—fully ready for the table.

Mysteries and dungeon crawls, heists and rescues, distant lands and Ruins Perilous; Adventure Quarterly knows what works and knows when to experiment. With the first year complete and in our subscribers’ hands, we want to bring another year of new adventures with evocative art, beautiful maps, and exciting encounters. To make that happen we’re launching this Kickstarter.

Rite Publishing has completed ten crowd-funded projects, using the crowdfunding model for multiple RPG games– even before coming to Kickstarter! We regularly work with award-winning artists, cartographers, and designers. We know what it takes to get a solid project to completion and in your hands. Even now, the Adventure Quarterly #5 manuscript is complete and in editing, with the cover image by Dallas Williams and cartography by Tommi Salama already in hand.

We’re hoping this campaign will help us fill the next four issues with better art and cartography! In fact, we’re staying focused on giving you the best magazine we can– Adventure Quarterly has averaged 80+ pages of excitement, and every stretch goal we’ve got is meant to produce a better quality periodical. Each issue will be offered in PDF and full-color Print formats, with separate map bundles with both GM and player maps, giving you the flexibility to game in the manner that best suits your needs from the Pathfinder RPG publisher who understands there’s more than one path to adventure.

Don’t wait, come grab fifteen of the best adventures you could ask for and help make a great periodical even better

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