Today’s Releases

Here’s a look at today’s new, third party, and accessory releases.


  1. OD-AR4-DragonkinKobold Press has released their latest Advanced Races supplement, featuring the Dragonkin [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. “Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin gives you everything you need to play a descendent of the greatest and most terrible monsters in fantasy roleplaying. Use it in the Midgard Campaign Setting or in the setting of your choice.” Written by Amanda Hamon, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Advanced Races 4: Dragonkin (Pathfinder RPG).
  2. Broken Gear Studios [visit their Facebook page here] has released a new prestige class portfolio for the Hell Knight Enforcer. “This is the Hell Knight Enforcer prestige class character portfolio for the Pathfinder system. Includes custom made character sheets and all the class features and plenty of room to continue your character onto greatness.” Designed by Dustin Pageloff, it’s available for purchase at DriveThruRPG: Hell Knight Enforcer.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

  1. Cubicle 7 Entertainment has released the PDF of their latest Doctor Who sourcebook in The Third Doctor Sourcebook [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. “Exiled to Earth and prevented from travelling in time, the Doctor became UNIT’s scientific adviser and defended Earth against all manner of sinister threats! Face the plastic horror of the Autons, stop hordes of alien spiders and thwart the machinations of dangerous conspiracies! We’re running out of time, so quick – reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!” Written by Walt Ciechanowski and Graham Walmsley, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Doctor Who – The Third Doctor Sourcebook.

Ars Magica

  1. Atlas Games has announced that their publishing partner, Holocubierta Ediciones, has launched a preorder for the Spanish translation of Ars Magica 5th Edition. Grab the preorder here.

Mutants & Masterminds

  1. Xion Studios [visit their Facebook page here] has released their latest Acts of Villainy Solo super-villain supplement for Mutants & Masterminds – Boogeyman. “Shrouded in shadows and a master of mind-bending magic, The Boogeyman is coming for the heroes of your world! No matter where you hide, no matter where you run to, The Boogeyman is going to get you! Get The Boogeyman today only 99¢ and only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #45!” Written by DT Butchino, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Boogeyman – AoV Solo (M&M3e).

Savage Worlds

  1. GRAmel [visit their website here] has posted an excerpt preview from their new, upcoming Savage Worlds setting TimeZero, looking at Archetypes. “In this preview, you will find some ready-to-play characters, useful when you need to quickly create heroes or for convention games. With some finishing touches, and rolling 1d20 respectively for Background and Origin you can create very different characters! Note that while your character’s Background and Archetype may have the same name, the Background is what he did before being recruited into TimeGuard, and the Archetype is what he does now – your Explorer PC may have been a Modern Era Explorer before he enlisted, but he could just as easily have been a Prehistoric Hunter.” Written by Umberto Pignatelli, it’s available for free download from DriveThruRPG: TimeZero Archetypes.

Basic Fantasy

  1. Basic Fantasy has three new releases including the 3rd edition core rulebook.
  2. SG4 Saga of the Giants – Fire Giant Forge, Release 6 — October 16, 2013: This new release of Fire Giant Forge includes proofing by James Lemon and Chris Gonnerman. Download
  3. Core Rules 3rd Edition (Release 79) — October 15, 2013: Here is the latest revision of the 3rd Edition of the Core Rules. This release includes proofing corrections by James Lemon and changes to some of the new material by Chris Gonnerman. The latter includes, in particular, a rewrite of the Ghost. Download
  4. BF1 Morgansfort: The Western Lands Campaign, Release 23 — October 14, 2013: This new release of the 2nd Edition of Morgansfort includes corrections by James Lemon. It’s not ready for print yet, as I’ve found many issues with font sizes being off in subtle ways, but it’s getting there. Download

Labyrinth Lord

  1. Barrel Rider Games [visit their website here] continues their character class supplement releases for Labyrinth Lord, including their latest Death Knight. “With the Death Knight, a new 20-level class for Labyrinth Lord (and other old-school fantasy role-playing games), characters can know the power of darkness and the sacrifices they must make for such unnatural gifts! Players and Referees can bring dark adventurers to their campaigns with the corrupted abilities of the Death Knight.” Written by James M. Spahn, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Death Knight.

Other RPGs

  1. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Khepera Publishing [visit their website here] has released a beta version of their new pulp fantasy Atlantis: the Second Age core rulebook with complete mechanics and incomplete artwork. “Atlantis is a sword and sorcery game inspired by the works of Fritz Lieber, Michael Moorcock, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith. Atlantis; a strange, wondrous and sometimes horrific antediluvian age where heroes survive by their wits, courage, and strong sword arms.” Written by Doug Bramlett, Kieran Turley, and Jerry D. Grayson, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Atlantis: the Second Age.
  2. Blacksburg Tactical Research Center (BTRC) [visit their website here] has released a new and augmented PDF version of their modern conspiracy CORPS RPG. “CORPS is a world very much like our own, but where all the conspiracies are real…somewhere. Adventurers have the dubious gift of being part of the realities that merely influence everyone else. They know the Apollo Program was a hoax…somewhere. The question is, why is it influencing people here, and how does it relate to the Lizard People?” Written by Greg Porter, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: CORPS v3.0 [augmented pdf].
  3. Emperors Choice [visit their website here] has released new adventure module for the Arduin system – White Roc Inn. “In the annals of Arduin, the White Roc Inn was the deception of deceptions: a crucible of deadly subterfuge that sucked in the alert and the unwary alike. Who knows what brought on its dark past. Perhaps once it was true and steadfast and fell upon dark times; or, maybe it was always a hidden hand of deception. Either way, evil lurked within to snare the unwitting and unwatchful until brave souls rose up to cleanse it. Soon, it was forgotten in the mist of the past, little thought of except in an occasional tale.” Written by Monty St. John, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: White Roc Inn.


  1. DramaScape continues to support the sci-fi battlemap world with their latest entry Steel Fort [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. “Steel Fort is a single map of a well-defended helicopter base. Four 180-degree flak cannons in each of the four corners cover both the ground and immediate airspace. There are six vertical take-off and landing pads (VTOL), allowing additional air support, one of which is currently occupied by a futuristic VTOL helicopter. An armored personnel carrier (APC) hovercraft stands ready for use as additional ground support. Stairs leading down into the Steel Fort underground levels. Some suggestions for maps of this lower level are DramaScape’s SciFi Marine Quarters or the lowest level of our The Bunker map. The underground living areas would house the Steel Fort’s staff and troops.” Designed by Simon Powell, Steven Black, and Vidar Edland, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG: Steel Fort.
  2. To keep the world of Star Frontiers alive, DwD Studios [visit their website here] has released their latest issue of the free Star Frontiersman magazine, issue #22. “We have another adventure by Rollo (a.k.a. Ben Gorman). I just hope you don’t get infected. A good spaceship addition to the commerce of the Frontier as well as another remastered Dragon article. From Eric Johnson, there is a sequel to his story in Star Frontiersman #17, “Bug Hunt”. It is “Hunger of the Shadow”. And you thought Bladen and Gruk’s adventure was over.” Written by a collaboration of authors, it’s available for download from DriveThruRPG: Star Frontiersman #22.
  3. Following in the Star Frontiers footsteps, the latest issue of the Frontier Explorer magazine [visit their website here] is also available for download. “The Sathar are coming! Issue 6 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. This issue focuses on the Sathar and provides a wealth of information on how to integrate the sathar into your campaign. Most of the content is rules agnostic and would allow the inclusion of the sathar regardless of the game system.” It’s available for download from DriveThruRPG: Frontier Explorer – Issue 6.


  1. Pinnacle Entertainment Group [visit their website here] has released their latest Wendigo Tales novel for Weird War II – Wunderwaffe. “Oberleutnant Karl Schmidt dreams of being the best pilot in the entire Luftwaffe. But what will he do for a shot at the Third Reich’s new superweapon–the ME-262? And what is the secret of the strange amulet he wears on each flight? Or the bizarre being some say flies beside him.” Written by Timothy Brian Brown, it’s available for purchase from the Pinnacle webstore: Weird War II: Wunderwaffe.

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