Jon Brazer Enterprises is Looking for Egyptian-themed Submissions

Jon Brazer Enterprises has announced a call-out for Pathfinder magic item submissions with an Egyptian theme.

Pharaoh welcomes you, Great Scribe, to Jon Brazer EnterprisesOpen Call for Magic Items of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a low-costing, one-use item or a great and powerful magic item, if it has an Ancient Egyptian theme, we would love to see it. Please read on for the specifics.

What do the stories say of these ancient treasures?
Merchants tell of trinkets commonly found in burial tombs with great and terrible powers, but they do not tell us what powers. This is why you, Great Scribe, are necessary to Pharaoh’s endeavors. Descriptions of the items and their powers must be formatted in the same style as you would find in Pathfinder Core Rulebook (download our template here). Pharaoh desires variety in his items, and they must be Ancient Egyptian in theme.

View the full announcement here.

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