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Stuntman Wild Cards SCARE Sheet for Mutants & Masterminds

GRP-MM-WC-SS13-StuntmanGreen Ronin Publishing [visit their website here] has released their latest Wild Cards SCARE Sheet superhero supplement for Mutants & Masterminds featuring Stuntman. Written by John Jos. Miller and Steve Kenson, it’s available for purchase from the Green Ronin Publishing webstore.

Webstore: Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 13: Stuntman (PDF)

He can be hurt, even killed, but he’ll always bounce back! Stuntman has an amazing regenerative power that lets him take risks no sane person would, but what he really wants is the fame and fortune of being a celebrity, and he’s willing to take some risks to get there as well.

The Amulet of Dogskull Adventure for Beasts & Barbarians

GR-BB-The-Amulet-of-DogskullGRAmel [visit their Facebook page here] has released a new pulp fantasy adventure for their Beasts & Barbarians setting for Savage Worlds – The Amulet of Dogskull. Written by Umberto Pignatelli, Andy Slack, and Piotr Koryś, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: The Amulet of Dogskull

It all begins with a theft in the night, and the jewels of a rich lady. But there is no honor among thieves, and this crime will lead the heroes on a restless hunt beyond the Godaxe River, only to discover that something ancient and evil lurks behind a door that no one should open! The dangers of the savage North, betrayals and chases await the heroes in the fifth installment of the Beasts & Barbarians adventure series! Do you dare take Dogskull’s amulet in your hands and face the terrible Howlers? This scenario includes an extensive Book of Lore dedicated to Northeim and its savage people and customs, plus a small expansion on how to design a Trial of Manhood scenario.

Ken Keeps Writing About More Stuff

PP-KWAS6-Moon-Dust-MenPelgrane Press [visit their website here] has released their latest GUMSHOE installment of Ken Writes About Stuff – Moon Dust Men. Written by Kenneth Hite, it’s available for purchase from the Pelgrane Press webstore:

Webstore: Moon Dust Men

President Eisenhower established Project Moon Dust in 1953 to locate, contain, and coordinate everything known about the alien presence on Earth. The public-relations and open-source arm of Moon Dust was called Project Blue Book. Blue Book ended its work in 1970. It is 1978. Your work never ends. This GUMSHOE campaign frame can be a sci-fi, conspiracy, or horror game – it’s up to you to find the truth.

Free Rules-only Version of Dime Stories

SMG-Dime-StoriesSaturday Morning Games [visit their website here] has released a rules-only, free download version of their Dime Stories space western RPG – Ain’t Nothin’ for Free. Written by Joseph Blomquist, it’s available for download from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Dime Stories: Ain’t Nothin’ for Free

A free rules-only version of our Dime Stories roleplaying game. With roots in Fate and Cortex, Dime Stories is designed for fast, easy, character-driven gameplay.

Estia the Isle of Giants Setting for Pulp! RPG

BSG-PF-Estia-the-Isle-of-GiantsBeer Star Games [view their website here] has released a Pulp! Fantasy setting for their Pulp! RPG – Estia the Isle of Giants. Written by Brian A Liberge, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Pulp! Fantasy: Estia the Isle of Giants

Estia is a wild land filled with undiscovered creatures and hidden dangers. The given goal of this adventure is a simple one: acquire an artifact of the Old Ones for study. Players control powerful heroes from the very beginning, but death always lurks only a few bad rolls away. The players have the freedom to pursue their goals in any style they see fit: aggressive combat, silver-tongued diplomacy, or elaborate scheming. The Pulp! system supports these modes of play with ease, allowing you to switch from one of these tactics to another without stopping the scene to reference a separate set of rules.

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