Supers, Samurai, and Star Wars

New Higher Powers Superhero RPG from Bold Pueblo Games

BPG-Higher-PowersBold Pueblo Games [visit their website here] has released a new superhero RPG called Higher Powers. Written by Caoimhe Ora Snow, it’s available as Pay What You Want from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Higher Powers

One year ago, on April 17, 2015, the Earth passed directly through the tail of a large, previously unknown comet. For three days, the sky lit up brightly with meteors during the day and the night alike. At the same time, people around the world fell into comas until the meteor shower ended. When they awoke, they were filled with divine power.

Some heralded it as the Second Coming or the start of the Apocalypse; the book of Revelation was quoted and misquoted repeatedly. Were these powers the gifts of God, poured out in the last hour of humanity?

This Week’s Dungeons & Dragons PDF Reprints

WOTC-DD-Fortress-of-the-Yuan-TiWizards of the Coast has released five new PDF reprints featuring books for Basic, Advanced, 3e, and 3.5e, including the Fortress of the Yuan-Ti adventure for 3.5e. Written by various authors, each one is available for purchase from the Dungeons & Dragons PDF store powered by DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: X7 The War Rafts of Kron (Basic)
DriveThruRPG: Savage Species (3e)
DriveThruRPG: Eye of Pain (2e)
DriveThruRPG: Encyclopedia Magica, Vol. 3 [P-S] (2e)
DriveThruRPG: DD3 Fortress of the Yuan-Ti (3.5)

Evil yuan-ti conspire to destroy a kingdom using dark rituals and the bones of a long-dead king. To win the day, heroes must storm the yuan-ti fortress and wrest the bones from the cultists’ clutches before they complete their rituals and unleash a far greater menace upon the world.

This Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for 6th-level characters. It can be played as a stand-alone adventure or as the concluding adventure in a three-part series. (See also DD1: Barrow of the Forgotten King and DD2: The Sinister Spire.) Each encounter contains special tactical information for the Dungeon Master and expanded map features for ease of play.

Motorcycle Samurai from Alliterated Games

AG-MotobushidoAlliterated Games [visit their website here] has released a modern action motorcycle samurai RPG called Motobushido. Written by Nathanael Phillip Cole, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Motobushido: The Motorcycle-Samurai RPG

Motobushido is a tabletop role-playing game about brotherhood, sacrifice, and death – all part of the Motorcycle Samurai lifestyle. In this game, you and a group of your friends play a pack of motorcycle-riding samurai in the years after a great war ravaged the land – a war that your side lost. You are the last of a dying breed of warriors. As motobushi you travel a hostile world that rejects your ideals, and tell the stories of your trials and adventures.

Explore the Corellian Sector for Star Wars

FFG-SW-EE-Suns-of-FortuneFantasy Flight Games has announced and posted a preview for their first sourcebook for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, delving into the Corellian Sector in Suns of Fortune [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here].

Fast Ships, Fast Pilots, and Fortunes to Be Made

Suns of Fortune is your ticket to a Core World full of action, adventure, and opportunity. Known as the home of fast ships and the daredevils who pilot them, Corellia has long maintained a reputation as the birthplace of the most talented smugglers, scoundrels, and jockeys ever to fly a snubfighter or ride a tricked-out swoop.

While this reputation may be slightly—but only slightly—exaggerated, Corellia is nonetheless bursting with opportunities for excitement and adventure. Despite being located among the ancient worlds and civilizations of the galactic Core, Corellia is neither stuffy nor overly constrained with laws and regulations. Instead, its spirit of adventure thrives, drawing thrill-seekers from all over the galaxy.

Moreover, throughout the 144 pages of Suns of Fortune, GMs will find extensive details on the Corellian Sector that can help establish a rich and vibrant setting for their Edge of the Empire campaigns. Give your players the chance to win it big on Treasure Ship Row, make a fortune smuggling to Selonia, purchase one of Nubia’s amazing ships, or even pull off the art heist of the century on Aurea. The Corellion Sector is full of opportunities for your heroes to prove themselves.

You’ll also find nine modular encounters, each of which can either serve as part of nearly any adventure. These are the kinds of scenes and challenges that can crop up almost at any time, while you’re trying your hand at a game of Sabacc or stopping for a drink at the local cantina. Players may even trigger them with the specific choices they make, and they give the GM an effective response to an unplanned turn of events.

View the full preview here.

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