Today’s Third Party Releases

Machinefist Solo Villain for Mutants & Masterminds

XS-AVS39-MachinefistXion Studios [visit their Facebook page here] has released their latest Acts of Villainy Solo superhero supplement for Mutants & Masterminds featuring Machinefist. Written by DT Butchino, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Machinefist – AoV Solo (M&M3e)

Armed with a pair of alien gloves that carry an arsenal of danger, Machinefist is ready to take on the heroes of your campaign! A bully by nature and crook by profession, he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way! Grab Machinefist today for only 99¢ and only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #39!

New Pathmaster Adventure for Voting, The Timeless Fort

AAW-PM-The-Timeless-FortAdventureaweek [visit their website here] has released their latest epic fantasy Pathmaster adventure contest entry for Pathfinder – The Timeless Fort. Written by Luis Loza, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: PATHMASTER: Timeless Fort

An ancient fort lost to time has reappeared, prompting murmurs of lost kingdoms and mystical artifacts. When the PCs investigate they find themselves flung outside of time, reliving the life of the fort over and over again! It’s up to the party to learn what happened in the final days of Fort Jaroma and put an end to the endless loop they find themselves in. Will they be able end this cycle and save the keep from the assault of the three Mad Kings or will they be lost for all eternity?

Rule Zero Underlings for Pathfinder

MG-RZ-UnderlingsMinotaur Games [visit their website here] has released their latest epic fantasy Rule Zero supplement for Pathfinder, this time featuring Underlings. Written by Jason Bulmahn, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Rule Zero: Underlings

Somebody has to clean up the dungeon while the master plots his next evil scheme. Fortunately, that is where the underlings come in. These groveling bootlicks live to serve their evil lord, hoping only to curry favor and avoid his wrath. Unfortunately, representing these lesser foes in combat can be a chore, especially if there are a lot of them. Tracking their hit points, conditions, and abilities can turn an exciting combat into a real grind. Rule Zero: Underlings gives busy GMs a way to incorporate a horde of these lesser monsters into any combat without slowing the game down to a crawl.

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