Moon Toad Publishing Ship Book: Pukharra

MTP-SB-Pukharra-Fast-ScoutShip Book: Pukharra Fast Scout is a supplement to the Mongoose Traveller system which details a 100-ton scout ship. Designed to go fast, this is an ideal vessel for players and NPCs alike. Although this is designed for the 3rd Imperium setting, it could easily fit in any other. Features: Detailed description of the layour of the Pukharra Game stats for the ship and the Grandjagoo sealed air raft 5 pages of deckplans A complete crew Ian Stead is the author, he’s worked with Mongoose, Gypsy Knights, Spica Publishing, Gorgon Publishing and a few others, this is his 1st solo effort (with a little help).

DriveThruRPG: Ship Book:Pukharra

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