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Bugbear Elite Enemies for Pathfinder

BFG-EE-BugbearsBlack Falcon Games [visit their website here] has released their latest Elite Enemies supplement for Pathfinder focusing on Bugbears. Written by Charles Plemons, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Elite Enemies – Bugbears [PFRPG]

Elite Enemies – Bugbears provides the Game Master with twenty ready-to-use Pathfinder Roleplaying Game® compatible bugbear goblinoid stat blocks, one for Challenge Ratings 1 through 20! Variation and challenge is achieved through a combination of class levels, simple templates, and advanced templates. Each stat block includes a convenient name, some background or history, a complete stat block with adjustments for class and templates as well as equipment, and a summary of combat tactics. Use the stat blocks individually to make memorable NPC villains or combine them to quickly generate awakened-themed encounter groups. Using this product, you always have a collection of awakened opponents to unleash upon your characters regardless of the party level!

Calmar Class Submersible Vehicle Book for Traveller

CH-VB-Calmar-Class-SubmersibleChristian Hollnbuchner [visit their website here] has released a new Vehicle Book sci-fi supplement for Traveller featuring a Calmar Class Submersible. Designed by Christian Hollnbuchner, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Calmar Class Submersible

This product is a little booklet of a Traveller compatible vehicle. The vehicle introduced in this installment of the series is another small submarine. As the name suggests styled to look a bit like a calmar.

New Achievements for d20 OGL

AT-Overachievers-HandbookAlter Tu [visit their website here] has released a universal OGL supplement focusing on in-game achievements in Overachievers Handbook. Written by T.K. Blackthorne, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Overachiever’s Handbook

The Overachiever’s Handbook is designed for both GMs and players who like to spice up their games with specific tasks, and rewards!, that can be accomplished individually or as a party.

The achievements are designed to reward the player, as opposed to the character. The bonuses carry over from campaign to campaign, provided the same GM runs the campaigns and agrees to it. Obviously, only a few achievements give rewards so as not to make the characters overpowered.

More Cavalier Talents for Pathfinder

SGG-GG-More-Cavalier-TalentsSuper Genius Games [visit their website here] has released their latest epic fantasy Genius Guide to supplement for Pathfinder – More Cavalier Talents. Written by Owen K.C. Stephens, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: The Genius Guide to More Cavalier Talents

To use these talents with the core cavalier class, simply allow a cavalier to replace any of the following class features with an edge, talent, advanced talent, or grand talent as appropriate. Edges – challenge, mount, iaijutsu strike. Talents – banner, cavalier’s charge, expert trainer, greater tactician, tactician, and order abilities gained at 2nd and 8th level. Advanced talents – greater banner, master tactician, mighty charge, order abilities gained at 15th level. Grand talents – supreme charge. If a cavalier gives up the a core ability (such as banner) for a talent, when he would normally gain an improved version of that ability (such as greater banner) he may either choose to gain the core ability, or to pick a new talent.

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