Evil Hat Productions Boosts Retail Distribution Support

Evil Hat Productions has announced a transition from their previous distribution retail discount model to an industry standard one.

And so, effective September 1st of this year, we are moving to the industry standard discount level with all of our distributors. We’ve already talked to all of them about this and confirmed that this means that our improved discounts will pass on to game stores everywhere. We’re doing this in advance of our Fate Dice release later that month, and before the second wave of the Fate Core product line — the Fate System Toolkit, Fate Worlds books, and the much-anticipated Atomic Robo RPG — sees release later this year.

As Evil Hat continues to mature you’ll see us continuing to look at how we can better support our retailer partners. This new, improved discount level is a big step. But it’s only a first step. Stay tuned in the coming year as we work to bring your favorite store even more!

See their full announcement here.

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