Third Eye Games Kicks Off Sinister RPG Playtest

Third Eye Games has been hinting to their new Sinister RPG for a while now, and have finally launched their official playtest document.

Download the playtest document here.

We’ve been talking about releasing the playtest files for this game to the public for a while (over a year, actually) and now is finally the time. We now have Playtest Version 1.0 ready to go. It’s not the whole game, but it’s what we have now and what needs to be tested (with lots of feedback from you!) to get the mechanics just right. The rules for Character Creation, Combat and the general Mechanics are included, as well as a character sheet, and we’ll be updating this file as Sinister continues to evolve, grow and change. It is currently devoid of art or anything super flashy, but that will come with time.

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