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Giants Bestiary for the Adventure Game Engine

GRP-AGEB-GiantsGreen Ronin Publishing [visit their website here] has released a new AGE Bestiary supplement, compatible with the dark fantasy Dragon Age RPG, focusing on Giants. Written by Jack Norris, it’s available for purchase from the Green Ronin Publishing webstore:

Webstore: AGE Bestiary: Giants (PDF)

Larger than life threats, giants are a staple in fantasy, mythology, and folklore. There’s something about angry, powerful humanoids of truly monstrous size that sparks terror and wonder. Giants come in various sizes, types, and range from savvy tricksters to near-mindless brutes. This PDF provides background and rules for using giants in your AGE campaign, including three giant types, elemental giant customizations, gigantic creatures, giant-slaying weapons, and the half-giant background.

The Emperor’s Chosen Supplement for Deathwatch

FFG-DW-The-Emperors-ChosenFantasy Flight Games has released their latest Warhammer 40k Deathwatch supplement, looking at Veteran space marines, in The Emperor’s Chosen [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. The printed version is currently available and the PDF will probably come available in the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Amazon: Deathwatch The Emperor’s Chosen Game

This detailed tome lets players delve into the history of the Jericho Deathwatch and honor the heroic veteran Battle Brothers that have come before them. As part of a veteran Kill-team, Player Characters can assume a Heroic Legacy and combat their foes with tactical precision and martial excellence. Then, the included adventure invites Kill-teams to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and complete the mission that laid them low!

Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent Sword & Sorcery Adventure

NWA-ASSH-Charnel-Crypt-of-the-Sightless-SerpentNorth Wind Adventures [visit their website here] has released a new adventure module for their pulp fantasy Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea RPG – Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent. Written by Jeffrey Talanian, it’s available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent

A millennium has passed since the Green Death swept across Hyperborea. In that bygone age of pestilence, a noble family fled the City-State of Khromarium. Far beyond the walls of the city, they entombed themselves in order to elude the inescapable plague. Their necromancer placed them in a deep slumber from which they never wakened. Also he summoned a mythical serpent to guard the vault, a beast reputed to shed gems for tears from eyeless sockets. Tales speak of this beast as the Sightless Serpent. Now, a knave of Khromarium claims to have witnessed the legendary beast. For a pittance he will lead your party to its trail . . .

Khador Player Section Preview of Iron Kingdoms Kings, Nations, and Gods

Privateer Press has posted their latest preview of the upcoming Iron Kingdoms supplement Kings, Nations, and Gods. This latest preview is a downloadable PDF with a look at the Player Section for all things Khador. Download the preview here.

Kings, Nations, and Gods has a slew of new career options for each of the human nations. These career options modify a standard career to better reflect the unique style and personality of a nation, and to give players a way to fine-tune their characters. By taking a standard career from the Core Rules and changing things like starting abilities, spell lists, skills, and equipment, you can ensure your Khadoran warcaster feels Khadoran and doesn’t have all the same spells as your buddy’s Cygnaran warcaster.

Ars Magica The Contested Isle Contents Preview

AG-AM-The-Contested-IsleAtlas Games is gearing up for their latest Tribunal sourcebook for Ars Magica, The Contested Isle [view our entry in the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here], with a preview of the table of contents. This downloadable PDF preview is available from the Atlas Games website here.

The magi of Hibernia respect the land and its supernatural inhabitants, granting much of the Tribunal’s area to hedge traditions and allowing supernatural creatures a vote at Tribunal. Now, magi from elsewhere in the Order have come to “reform” the Peripheral Code, laying siege to and taking one of the Irish covenants.

If the native magi could stop fighting each other, they would resist.

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