Cosmic Patrol: The Moon Must Be Ours! Preview 2; PDF/Print Preorder On Sale July 29th!

The Moon Men have kept their tight grip on the Moon for too long! The Cosmic Patrol is mounting the largest invasion force in its history with one goal: eliminate the closest threat to humanity. One way or another, the problem of the Moon Men and their powers of dynamo-psychism will be solved!

Cosmic Patrol: The Moon Must Be Ours!The Moon Must Be Ours! is the newest book in the Cosmic Patrol series. Players will take part in the Cosmic Patrol’s invasion of the Moon using a unique “choose-your-own-adventure” type structure. Will you be able to reveal the secrets of the Moon Men?

This preview gives you the TOC, introduction and a taste of the rules section. Stay tuned for another preview – coming soon!

The Moon Must Be Ours! free PDF (Download From BattleCorps)

The Moon Must Be Ours! free PDF (Download From DriveThruRPG)

Also, check out a blog from the author that provides more background on this great new book: Making Cosmic Choose-Your-Own-Adventures

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