Zel Art Scholarship Fund

Postmortem Studios has released the last Zelart stock art piece after the death of the artist. To show their appreciation, all residual income from the sales of Zelart stock art will go into a scholarship provided by Postmortem Studios. Find the last piece of Zelart at DriveThruRPG along with many other pieces:

DriveThruRPG: Zelart041 – Shiny Rocks & Fossils

Today I put up the last piece of art from Zel, which was a bit of an emotional experience. Now there’s not going to be any more.

Zel worked with me on a lot of things. Hentacle, Final Straw, Origins of the Specious/Sex, Dice & Gamer Chicks, stock art, even a game I made as a personal present for my friends. He helped me make a comic – something I always wanted to do.

We’re going to use the residual income from his stock art to make a sort of ‘micro scholarship’. I’m still working out all the details. It’ll be used to help out, even if its just in some minor way, an art student somewhere in the world, once per year. Probably helping those more into the illustration, comic, anime, etc style who can sometimes suffer from academic indifference and disrespect.

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