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Machinations of the Space Princess is Now Available

PMS-Machinations-of-the-Space-PrincessPostmortem Studios has made available the PDF for their IndieGoGo funded Machinations of the Space Princess [find out more in their website post here], an OGL, OSR space opera game. This 239-page, digest-sized book contains everything GMs and players need. Written by James Desborough [see our interview here where we speak to Grim about Machinations of the Space Princess]. Purchase it from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Machinations of the Space Princess

Machinations of the Space Princess is a Science-Fantasy role-playing game. That means it’s very much about style over substance, mixing science-fiction, magic and psionics in a game world that owes much more to Metal Hurlant and Star Wars than it does to 2001 or Bova’s Grand Tour. This is a game of strangeness and fun, of space pirates and beautiful alien princesses, of living planets and robot hordes, of blasters at noon.

Cubicle 7 Entertainment Reveals Rocket Age Cover

Cubicle 7 Entertainment has posted a preview of the front cover for their upcoming pulp sci-fi RPG Rocket Cover [see the development announcement here]. See the preview here.

Rocket Age is an alternate history pulpy retro-sci-fi space opera planetary romance. It’s throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. It’s hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It’s battling Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by the Deutsche Marserkorps across the baking red deserts of Mars. It’s exploring the deadly skies of Jupiter under the constant threat of Europan disintegration. It’s RAY gun wielding heroes bulls-eyeing mutants in the blasted ruins of Io.

Two New Personas for Arkham: City of Secrets

SDP-ACS-DominaStardust Publications [view their website here] has released two more persona supplements for their upcoming Arkham: City of Secrets – Lord Byron and Domina. Written by Bree Orlock. Purchase both from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Arkham: City of Secrets – The Undead: Lord Byron
DriveThruRPG: Arkham: City of Secrets – The Undead: Domina

This is a Revenant Persona; Domina from the Undead Chapter of the upcoming Arkham: City of Secrets setting book.

Pre-order the HackMaster GameMaster’s GUide

KC-HM-GameMasters-GuideKenzer & Company has released the work-in-process PDF and print pre-order for the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide. Pre-order the print edition (and get the WIP PDF for free) here.

If you pre-order, you’ll receive the print edition of this gorgeous book as soon as it arrives in our warehouse. If you need to change your shipping address after ordering, contact us; changing the address in your account does not affect past orders (which this would be) so we need to be notified.

A special benefit of pre-ordering is that you’ll receive the PDF version immediately bundled for free with your order! The file will be incrementally updated as final tweaks are incorporated. Your purchase allows you to re-download the file to receive updates as the document is rev’d to the final release version. Steve may eventually figure out how to auto-notify you when revs occur but he’s pretty slow on the uptake so don’t hold your breath on this one.

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