New Pathfinder and Mutants & Masterminds Third Party Publications

Empowering your Elemental Spells with Energy Words

JBE-BM-Energy-Words-RevisitedJon Brazer Enterprises has released their latest Book of series supplement for Pathfinder with Book of Magic: Energy Words Revisited [find out more at the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. Written by Dale C. McCoy, Jr. Purchase it at DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Book of Magic: Energy Words Revisited (PFRPG)

Shape your fire words any way you desire. Keep the cold damage coming round after round. Blast your enemies with sound waves. Book of Magic: Energy Words Revisited lets you attack your enemies with acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage—whether for an instant, or over a series of rounds. Show those Vancian casters the true mastery of elemental forces!

The Gyre Adventure for Mutant Future

FMG-The-GyreFaster Monkey Games [visit their website here] has released a new OSR adventure, this time for Mutant Future – The Gyre. Mutant Future is an OSR post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy RPG. Written by Jeff Sparks. Purchase it from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: The Gyre

You’ve survived in the wastelands your whole life. You reckon there’s not much this atomic-soaked world can throw at you that you can’t handle. Surviving is one thing, but getting ahead means more than just playing it safe. You’ve got to explore, take chances, and grab the opportunities that come your way.

Knockback Solo Villain for Mutants & Masterminds

XS-AVS31-KnockbackXion Studios [visit their Facebook page here] has released their latest Acts of Villainy Solo supplement for Mutants & Masterminds – Knockback. Written by DT Butchino. Purchase it from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Knockback – AoV Solo (M&M3e)

Heroes of the world beware, Knockback is on the loose! Nigh-Invulnerable and with enough strength to send most heroes into orbit, she’ll smash any do-gooders that get in her way! Knockback, only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #31 and only 99¢!

Two New Supers from Deus ex Historica

4WFG-DEH-Plutonium-Man4 Winds Fantasy Gaming [visit their Facebook page here] has released their latest pair of supers for Mutants & Masterminds Deus ex Historica – Plutonium Man and Polkovnik Oktober. Both are written by James Stubbs and Don Walsh. Purchase both from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Plutonium Man
DriveThruRPG: [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Polkovnik Oktober

Plutonium Man is the master spy, the spider sitting in the center of a web of intrigue. Unlike Mother Bear, he doesn’t use calculated charm, honey traps or betrayals, but relies instead on efficient, cold-blooded blackmail and killings to achieve his successes. He’s the mundane master of disguise, who could show up anywhere, being anyone to achieve his aims, then become anyone else to get away. He’s a chess master, and if the heroes suspect he’s behind a plot, they should be getting worried, even if he does lack superpowers.

Deranged Trepanner Psionic Beast

DSP-PB-Deranged-TrepannerDreamscarred Press [visit their website here] has released their latest Psionic Bestiary supplement for Pathfidner – Deranged Trepanner. As with all their products, this supplement is compatible with Psionics Unleashed. Written by Jim Hunnicutt and available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Psionic Bestiary: Deranged Trepanner

Medical procedures aren’t always for the best, as shown as shown by this latest release in the Psionic Bestiary product line. The deranged trepanner offers a psionic construct intent on brain surgery.

Rune Magic Character Classes for Pathfinder

PDG-LC-Rune-MagicPurple Duck Games [visit their website here] has released their latest Legendary Classes character supplement for Pathfinder detailing a pair of Rune Magic empowered alternate classes. Written by Josh McCrowell and available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Legendary Classes: Rune Magic

There is a place on the world of Porphyra called the Theater of Arrival, though no plays are found there. What is found there is a ring of twenty-seven stones, all an odd maroon color. The stones lie pm a field of glass, as if some great heat, light or pressure had been brought to bear on it. Though no play is performed here, there is art, of a sort. Each of the stones bears several images, three, in fact, two of which are the same on every stone, and one different. The similar images bookend the different on each stone, and appear as the engraving of a tall, thin humanoid with pointed ears, and a muscular humanoid with tusk-like fangs and fierce demeanor. It is said that if you look at the images long enough, in that wind-swept place, they start to look more and more like each other. The central image of each stone is unique. It is here that the elven runecasters and orcish runereapers triggered The Calling and irrevocably changed the face of Porphyra.

Minor & Major Pathfinder Drawbacks from Christina Stiles

SGG-CSP-UO-Minor-Major-DrawbacksSuper Genius Games [visit their website here] has released their latest Christina Stiles Presents supplement for Pathfinder – Ultimate Options: Minor & Major Drawbacks. Written by Christina Stiles, Robert Hudson, Jr., and Mike Welham and available for purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Christina Stiles Presents: Ultimate Options – Minor & Major Drawbacks

Welcome to Ultimate Options: Minor & Major Drawbacks, the latest Christina Stiles Presents offering from Super Genius Games! This book builds on the Drawback rules presented in Ultimate Campaign, with the Minor Drawbacks listed here being equivalent to the Drawbacks from that book, making them, in effect, reverse Traits that allow the character to receive an extra Trait in exchange for the Drawback. Major Drawbacks, however, more adversely affect the character than a Minor Drawback and should be considered reverse feats that allow a character to receive an extra Feat.

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