Clone Warriors, Secret Agents, and Beasts from the Past

Cosmic Patrol: The Eiger Agenda Free RPG Day 2013 QSR Available!

CGL-CP-The-Eiger-AgendaMiss out on the chance to grab this years’ Free RPG Day Cosmic Patrol QSR? Don’t worry…here’s your chance to nab your free copy of the PDF.

Cosmic Patrol: The Eiger Agenda QSR Free RPG Day 2013 PDF (Download From BattleShop)

Cosmic Patrol: The Eiger Agenda QSR Free RPG Day 2013 PDF (Download From DriveThruRPG)

Or, if you don’t frequent other locale, just grap it off of of the downloads page.

Blast off into the dangerous cosmos with The Eiger Agenda, Cosmic Patrol’s addition to Free RPG Day 2013. Help the Patrol stop the Eiger Empire from slaving another alien race and building a secret weapon of unknown power! This rules-light system will have you saving the universe in no time at all! Are you ready for the challenge?

Hardwire Scenario for Agents of Oblivion

RB-AO-OS3-HardwireReality Blurs has released their latest One Shot adventure for Agents of Oblivion, Hardwire [find it on the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. Agents of Oblivion is a modern action horror and espionage setting for Savage Worlds. Written by Michael Ysker. Purchase from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Agents of Oblivion: One Shot #3

In ONE SHOTS #3 : HARDWIRED , our agents are sent out to gather intel about the shadowy Cylex Systems and learn more than they bargain for! Each ONE SHOT is a surprising mix of horror and espionage designed for single session play.

There be Monsters in the Colony

RG-CG-BestiaryRogue Games has announced the upcoming release of a new Bestiary supplement for Colonial Gothic, due for release in October [view it at the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference website here]. Colonial Gothic is an historical fantasy horror system and setting based in Colonial America.

Within these pages, the Colonial Gothic GM will find a selection of creatures great and small, ready to challenge even the most valiant Heroes. Some are denizens of the New World, both natural and supernatural. Others spring from the myths and legends of antiquity, and have crossed the great Ocean along with the colonists. Some do not belong in this world at all, but may be summoned here by dabblers in sorcery.

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