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Vehicles Gadget Guide for Mutants & Masterminds

GRP-MM-GG-VehiclesGreen Ronin Publishing continues their Gadget Guide supplement releases for the superhero RPG Mutants & Masterminds with the latest, Vehicles [see their website blog post here]. Vehicles expands on information found within the Hero’s Handbook and adds new rides for your superheroes, and super-villains, to acquire. Written by Steve Kenson. Gadget Guide: Vehicles is available from the Green Ronin Publishing webstore here.

From hotrods to starships, many heroes and villains use different vehicles to get from place to place, and some even rely heavily on a vehicle as the source of many of their abilities. This Guide expands the game systems and information on vehicles found in the Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook.

Cubicle 7 Brings the Vales of Anduin to The One Ring

C7E-TOR-The-Heart-of-the-WildCubicle 7 Entertainment has posted the pre-order for their new The One Ring sourcebook, The Heart of the Wild. This new sourcebook adds to their Middle-earth with a look at the lands of the River and the Forest. The Heart of the Wild can be found at the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here. Pre-orders are available from the Cubicle 7 webstore here with PDFs due to be available mid-July and print in August.

The Heart of the Wild is a resource for The One Ring: Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild describing the lands of the River and the Forest – the Vales of Anduin along the banks of the Great River, and the trackless forest of Mirkwood to the east. It expands on the descriptions given in the Loremaster’s Guide, offering new sanctuaries and new perils for the players to discover. Each region is described in detail, listing potential friends and foes, sites of interest and potential adventures.

Introducing a Galaxy of Only War Adversaries in Enemies of the Imperium

FFG-OW-Enemies-of-the-ImperiumFantasy Flight Games has released their bestiary supplement, Enemies of the Imperium, for Only War, the Imperial Guard version of the Warhammer 40k role-playing series [find it at the Roleplayers Chronicle Reference database here]. Enemies of the Imperium focuses on the major adversaries of the Imperial Guard, such as the ork depicted on its cover. It’s currently available from Fantasy Flight Games webstore here.

Enemies of the Imperium, a supplement for Only War, gives deeper insight into the deadly foes of the Imperial Guard who lurk in the Spinward Front. Enemies of the Imperium not only contains NPC profiles and guidance on how to deploy them in battle, but it also provides considerable information on how these factions make war on the Imperium and each other. Further, Enemies of the Imperium provides rules for managing Formations to facilitate squad-level combat and new resources for Guardsmen and Support Specialist characters who have cut their teeth against these deadly foes, surviving the worst that the Spinward Front can throw at them.

More ROLF Golden Age Superheroics in Lady Satan

NG-ROLF-Lady-SatanNUELOW Games collects the superheroine Lady Satan from the Golden Age of comic books and presents her for use within ROLF! Written by George Tuska and Steve Miller. Purchase Lady Satan and other ROLF! supplements from DriveThruRPG:

DriveThruRPG: Lady Satan

Lady Satan brings two such forgotten heroines back into the light. It collects the complete runs of the title character, who debuted in Dynamic Conics the same month as Wonder Woman, but was seen only in a grand total two published stories. Also included in the book are all four appearances of the Veiled Avenger, another shortlived female superhero who premiered in 1944.

Superheroics and Undeath in Paradigm Concepts’ Rotted Capes

PC-Rotted-CapesAs a twist on the regular superhero RPG, Paradigm Concepts has released the core rulebook for their new Rotted Capes RPG that combines superheroes and zombies [see more at their website here]. Rotted Capes is powered by the same system as the Arcanis RPG and is available from the Paradigm Concepts webstore here.

Once dismissed as the B-List Superhero, you are now mankind’s last hope for survival in this horrific world where the Super Zombies sit atop the food chain, looking hungrily down upon you. Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with: • Rules based upon the Origins-Award Winning Arcanis Roleplaying Game system • Power sets, gear, survival techniques, and a comprehensive skill system • A complete example setting: Paradigm City!

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