Green Ronin Publishing Launches a New Webstore

Green Ronin Publishing has taken the bulk out of their old webstore and launched a new one, retaining customer account information for future reference.

The new Green Ronin Online Store makes things better for us, and hopefully it does the same for you. We have imported as many customer accounts as we could (some were associated with faulty email addresses, and some valid email addresses had more than one account associated with them. But odds are, if you’ve shopped with us lately, your name, billing and shipping addresses, and email address have been securely transferred to the new site. You can visit the registration page to see if your email address is already in our system, and create a password if so. (The old passwords were 1-way encrypted in our database, and they were not imported to the new store.)

Along with your old password, your order history and download links were left behind as well. The new system uses a completely different data structure and a completely different download management system, so we could not just import that information into the new store. Rest assured, we will be creating a secure system for you to access your old download links, and possibly also your order history. It just won’t be hosted on Shopify’s servers. In the meantime, you can write to pdfsupport at to get any PDFs you’ve purchased in our Green Ronin Online Store in the past when your cat sits on your keyboard and deletes them. We might not have an office building to house an IT Department, but our eBook Specialist Marc has an actual business school Master’s degree in Thinking About Ways to Present Data, and I’ve got him thinking about your downloads.

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