This Week’s AD&D PDF Reprints

Product Name: Monstrous Compendium, Appendix III | The Complete Druid’s Handbook | The Complete Book of Necromancers | The Complete Book of Villains
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Author: Kirk Botula, Anne Brown, William W. Connors, Andria Hayday, Shane Lacy Hensley, Colin McComb, Nicky Rea, Teeuwynn Woodruff | David L. Pulver | Steve Kurtz | Kirk Botula
System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Setting: Ravenloft |
Theme: Epic Fantasy
Type: Supplement (Reprint)
Release: PDF

Wizards of the Coast has released their four latest Advanced Dungeons & Dragons PDF Reprints including the Monstrous Compendium, Appendix III for Ravenloft.

Inside this book are dozens of sinister beings waiting to strike terror into the hearts of role-players everywhere. From the dreaded scarab beetles of Har’Akir to the archer skeletons of darkon and the drow vampires of Arak, these Creatures of Darkness will provide hours of diabolical adventure. But be warned – if you buy this accessory, your AD&D game players may never forgive you.

DriveThruRPG: Monstrous Compendium – Ravenloft Appendix III (2e)
DriveThruRPG: PHBR13 Complete Druid’s Handbook (2e)
DriveThruRPG: DMGR7 – The Complete Book of Necromancers (2e)
DriveThruRPG: DMGR6 – The Complete Book of Villains (2e)

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