Mother Bear II and Operative F Supers from Deus ex Historica

Product Name: Mother Bear II | Operative F
Publisher: 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Author: James Stubbs, Don Walsh
System: Mutants & Masterminds
Series: Deus ex Historica
Theme: Superhero
Type: Third Party Supplement
Release: PDF

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming has released their latest pair of Deus ex Historica supplements for Mutants & Masterminds.

Mother Bear II is the ruthless enemy superspy. She is as cold as ice and willing to use her power, lies and feminine wiles to accomplish her mission. Unlike most female spies of the Silver Age, she is not predisposed to turning on her Soviet masters (being one of them herself).

This release contains details a silver age villain PL 10.

DriveThruRPG: [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Mother Bear II
DriveThruRPG: [M&M] Deus ex Historica: Operative F

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