Gorglis Medieval City Map from Dreamworlds

Product Name: Gorglis
Publisher: Dreamworlds
Author: Cornelius Clifford
System: Universal
Series: Fantasy Floorplans
Theme: Fantasy
Type: City Map
Release: PDF
Link: http://www.dream-worlds.co.uk/

Dreamworlds newest Fantasy Floorplans features a fantasy city map.

Atlas, maps and guide to an enormous Medieval Fantasy City. Hugely detailed and comprehensive, this atlas is the perfect background for all sorts of gaming, especially role playing. Cornelius Clifford has used real medieval cities for inspiration and much of the information contained within this amazing book is historically accurate for a European city in the medieval age. Designed as a setting for fantasy roleplaying games and wargames. Includes twelve maps of the city quarters, loads of background information, plus lists and encounter tables for around six hundred different occupations (of residents) and a great collection of over 600 street names. Illustration and design by Cornelius Clifford.

DriveThruRPG: Medieval City Atlas – Fantasy Floorplans

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