Spreading the Word of the Imperial Creed for Rogue Trader

Fantasy Flight Games has announced their next Rogue Trader supplement, Faith and Coin, and posted the first preview.

“Those who dwell within the grace of the God-Emperor need never fear the dark. His grace and guidance shines a perpetual light upon them.”
Nadine Aleynikov, disciple of St. Cognatius

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce Faith and Coin, the latest Rogue Trader supplement! It is a Rogue Trader’s duty to assist in spreading the Imperial Creed across the stars, helping missionaries as they wander from world to forgotten world. In turn, Rogue Traders reap the profits from the seeds that missionaries sow. In this guide, for players and GMs, the complex relationships between missionaries and Rogue Traders come to life, with new Endeavors to complete and new worlds to convert. Find sacred relics, smite vile heretics, or embark on new Alternate Career Paths with the grace of the God-Emperor guiding you every step of the way.

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